Knowledge at your fingertips

Contextual guidance where you need it, when you need it! Enabled for any web site in minutes.

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Microlearning Platform

Always Available

The key point here is that context based information always is available at your fingertips. Never again do you have to look elsewhere for the information you need.

Increased efficiency

Your users will love it and so will your support staff. You arm your users with enough information to do their job in a fast an efficient way, every day.

Less Need For Support

Your support center will bave increased time to help out of more critical issues instead of the daily how and why's, since users are now better equipped to handle their challenges by themselves.

We’re offering a Microlearning platform with tools utilizing the content. Our PST (Performance Support Tool) is providing microlearning videos to the end users in on-the-job situations. We are also offering a Knowledge Recorder for capturing screen/camera instruction-videos with easy upload for instantly adding more useful content for all to benefit from.

Why choose us

We are focused on providing integrated solutions and services to customers around the world. Putting our clients’ interests first, we work hard to exceed your expectations.


    We have a free trial available to get you started and get familiar with the tool.


    That's the whole purpose, to let your users get smarter, more productive and to minimize the need for support.


    Have a question regarding our apps? Contact our customer service department to have it answered today!


    We pay a lot of attention to providing a high level of usability to make sure your goals are met by using our products.


    Efficiency play a great role for users nowadays, that’s why we are oriented to this type of applications.


    The PowerGuide application can fit in nicely with your application, also in terms of style.

Pricing Packages

Subscription Based, Free Trial Available

Custom Web Site
Plugin Version

  • Html Integration
  • Content Portal
  • Context-based Guides
  • Style Options

Windows Browser
Plugin Version

  • MS Store Application
  • Content Portal
  • Context-based Guides
  • Free-text Search
  • Screen Capture Recorder
  • Video Recording Upload
  • Drag/Drop Upload
  • Style Options


  • Fuse Universal Integration
Please ask for a quote including information about your setup and requirement and we will get back to you with a tailored quote.