Our Offering

We have a very easy to use social learning solution supporting our vision.

Elearning Platform

The repository for all content.
Knowledge to the benefit of all.
That increase user efficiency.

Web App Plugin

Prefered for custom sites.
One installation, available everywhere.
Setup in minutes.

Windows Plugin

Cross-browser support.
All websites supported.
Setup in minutes.


Record and share your knowledge.
Contribute to help your colleagues.
Social learning.

Fuse Integration

A strong integration with
the Fuse Universal platform.
A perfect match.


This is about the benefits of providing microlearning content for your users for added user performance and reduced need for support.

Learning Platform

Bring light to your processes, the how-to in your application, guides, tips and tricks. Your users will love you for it.

Social Learning

The efficient way of learning by making it a joint and fun task to supply knowledge to your collegues.


Our Performance Support Tool have proven to be unique and most efficient in an on-the-job learning process.

Fast Setup

Signup for a license, then install the PowerGuides Tool from Microsoft Store and you're ready to creating great learning experiences.

Free Trial

We offer a free trial to help you get started. You only pay as you grow.


To get the full value out of your license, you can contact our support team any time.

Assistance needed?

If you need assistance getting it all up and running, we're here to help.

Microlearning Videos

Let us know if you need consulting creating and maintaining microlearning videos.

Fuse Integration

Wanna expand on your Fuse integration? Let us know how we may help you.